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  • Log on to and enter your personal username and password.
  • Jobs: The first view is a complete list of all the jobs we have on file sorted by bid date. The yellow triangle next to the bid date indicates that the job has had a bid date change. The jobs can be sorted by each column by selecting the desired column heading. The jobs that are highlighted in blue require your products.
  • My Jobs: Select this tab to only see the jobs that require your products. The column “Date Modified” contains the date and time when the additional information was added to the job (addenda etc.). The column “Scan Date” contains the date and time in which the original job was scanned and available for viewing. The jobs can be sorted by each column by selecting the desired column heading.
  • View the job details: Select a job number that is highlighted in blue. This view gives detailed information about the job.
  • View the job documents: Select the tab “Job Documents” and select the desired document to view. All documents are in “pdf” format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. The software is free of charge at
  • In Progress: Select this tab to see the jobs we will be reviewing.
  • By Product: Select this tab to search for jobs that require a particular product.
  • Archived: Select this tab to search for a project in our archived database. Projects are saved on our site for two years.
  • Questions or requests: click the blue link located on the bottom left of your screen and your email program will open automatically.
  • Disclaimer: Read this carefully to understand your usage agreement.

Additional features:
Notifications are sent via email when a new job has been uploaded, there is an addendum to review, a bid date has changed, a pre-bid sign-in sheet or bid results have been uploaded.
We also can alert you of these notifications via text message.

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